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    Happy Heroes: Your TikTok Marketing Agency from Berlin

    Colorful dancing to the latest hits in front of an audience of millions. That's part of the gigantic world of the social media app TikTok. More and more companies are asking us how they too can benefit from the platform. As a TikTok marketing agency, we have developed profitable TikTok marketing strategies for our clients in recent years.

    Are you looking for a TikTok agency to sell your products? Or would you like to try out a completely new approach to your marketing, which works especially well with a young target group? Then contact us for a free initial consultation!

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    What is TikTok, anyway?

    TikTok, formerly Musica.ly, is a social media app that is popular with a younger target group. The majority of the almost 1 billion users worldwide are under 20 years old. The platform therefore offers you incredible potential if you want to sell your products and services to younger people.

    In 2020, TikTok also started offering paid ads on the platform. More and more companies are thus discovering their potential on the platform. You too can now join as an advertiser and play paid advertising alongside content.

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    Our services
    at a glance

    As an experienced TikTok marketing agency, we offer you and your project an extensive catalog of services explicitly for your success on TikTok. We support you from the targeted creation of content to the professional placement of TikTok ads. We are also happy to support you in the context of influencer marketing on the platform, or advise you on ad creation.

    Content creation

    Content creation is one of the core elements on TikTok. The platform thrives on fast-moving, buty content posted by content creators, influencers, and businesses.

    Content on TikTok is usually short music videos and entertaining short clips. The performers often dance to a current hit. This is also a clever way to showcase products and services.

    We support you in finding and implementing the ideal content format for your project or your company. In this context, we can take over every single step for you. From content planning and conception, to the creation of videos together with our professional video team, to the creation and management of your account including handling your postings and content.

    The creation of content on TikTok not only serves the direct promotion of your products and services, but also helps you to build an organic reach on the platform. This way you will gradually build your own community with loyal fans and buyers.

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    TikTok Ads Agency

    Of course, as a TikTok Ads agency, we also support you in professionally placing advertisements on the platform. TikTok Ads are particularly useful for you if you have not yet built up a reach on the social network.

    We know the TikTok ad manager by heart and what is important for quality ads. Our professional video team also creates short clips for you for social media ads.

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    TikTok Influencer Agency

    Why building your own community when you can leverage the reach of other successful creators on TikTok? This is exactly the approach we take with influencer marketing.

    The social network is more suitable than any other for following large, already existing accounts and reaching the community of these. What makes influencer marketing on TikTok particularly effective is that you can reach your target group very specifically. If there are one or more successful influencers on the platform who represent similar values and promote products as you do, this can be an absolute goldmine for you.

    Microinfluencers in particular offer a great opportunity for companies to present their product to a niche target group on TikTok.

    As an agency, we support you in finding suitable cooperation partners for your project and convince them of your products and services.

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    TikTok Consulting

    You would like to use TikTok as an advertising space for yourself or build your community via the social network because you sell especially to younger people? But you don't have any experience with the platform yet or no idea how to go about it?

    With TikTok Consulting, we support you with our team of social media experts and provide you with comprehensive advice on your project. We make sure that at the end of the consultation, you have a detailed concept and process in your hands, with which you can position yourself and your products profitably on the platform.

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    Ad Creation

    Finally, we also offer to support you with ad creation. Whether it's short clips or music videos, our professional video team knows exactly what it takes to create content for your creative ads.

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    Advantages and disadvantages of TikTok

    TikTok is a colorful and loud platform that appeals especially to younger people. The popular network offers advertisers numerous advantages, but also disadvantages. We have taken a look at the detailed figures for you and compiled the most important points that are relevant for the decision for a TikTok marketing concept.


    The first point is TikTok's user base. According to Statista, 57% of the platform's users are female and 43% male. The female users tend to be in the younger age group, while the men tend to be older users.

    The users are target groups with high purchasing power who use TikTok as an entertainment medium. The majority of users consume content rather than producing and posting it themselves.

    A clear advantage here is the entertaining nature of the content. The videos are made quickly, require little effort, and are easy to distribute. On the other hand, individual clips are forgotten just as quickly as they became known.

    TikTok's user base is young. According to Statista, almost a third of all users are younger than 17. A little more than a further third are in the 18 to 24 age group. It is interesting to note that most of these users are female. Only in the age group between 25 and 34, which accounts for around a quarter of the total user base, are there more male users.

    Only a small proportion of users are older than 35 on average. This makes the platform an ideal place to go for particularly young users. If you have products for a particularly young, especially female target group, TikTok is the right place for you.

    Lastly, we would like to give you a few words about the range. TikTok is now huge. The platform has truly taken on gigantic proportions in recent years: Around 2 billion smartphone users have installed the app. Of these, around 700 to 800 million people use it regularly.

    These figures speak for themselves and make the platform an ideal advertising medium for you as a company. The enormous reach and the currently still low competition of companies on the app are a clear advantage for advertising on TikTok.

    Special features
    from TikTok Marketing

    As a TikTok marketing agency, it's not just the user base, age and reach that we consider noteworthy. The app also stands out in comparison to other social media platforms, so we have compiled these special aspects for you once again.

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    Frequently asked questions about TikTok Marketing - FAQ

    Why do I need an agency for TikTok?

    TikTok is still very new among social networks and is constantly evolving. If you have no previous experience or are generally not an ambitious user of social media, we can support and advise you as a TikTok agency with specific questions about the platform.

    In addition to consulting, we also offer a team of experts who will support you in the concrete conception of your campaign through to content creation and distribution

    TikTok Ads or Influencer Marketing - which is better?

    In addition to the classic posting of content, TikTok also offers you the opportunity to buy into the platform as an advertiser without a community, as well as to reach your specific target group directly with the help of influencers.

    Both have their advantages and disadvantages. While TikTok Ads is currently still relatively inexpensive, large influencers with enormous reach can be quite expensive. On the other hand, you can reach your target audience much more efficiently with the help of an influencer because they have already built a community that is very similar to yours. Ads have a higher wastage on the platform. However, the Ads Manager is constantly evolving, so you'll soon find the ability to target specifically there as well.

    What are the costs for TikTok marketing?

    The costs for TikTok marketing are currently still manageable. Since the platform is quite young, there have not yet been as many advertisers as on Facebook or Instagram, for example. Nevertheless, the number of companies that are becoming aware of TikTok is currently increasing steadily. So don't hesitate too long!

    Should you decide to use TikTok Ads or Influencer Marketing, there will be additional costs for budget and the Creator besides the costs we bear as a marketing agency. However, the costs vary depending on content and actual workload for production. In a first free chat, we offer you a consultation regarding the costs.

    How long does it take to get initial results on TikTok?

    Sometimes it doesn't take that much time to get your first results on TikTok. Especially if your content is well thought out beforehand, you have excellent chances to reach the first users quickly.

    With paid TikTok Ads and influencer marketing, on the other hand, you can probably expect instant results. However, in this case, your reach will disappear as soon as you stop running the ads. For this reason, we recommend a hybrid strategy of paid ads and organic content creation.

    Can TikTok be used to increase sales in a targeted manner?

    Thanks to precise evaluations of the app within the ad manager, TikTok can be used excellently as a performance marketing tool. As a TikTok agency, we calculate in advance, based on your goals, what budget is necessary to profitably increase sales.

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