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    Conversion rate optimization agency for Berlin and the world

    As a full-service agency, Happy Heroes is committed to supporting you in all aspects of marketing. In addition to targeted Google Ads campaigns, our areas of responsibility also include search engine optimization, social media content and web design. We take care of your entire work process, from market analysis and strategic content planning to individual reporting and adjustments. But convince yourself by booking a free initial consultation and get a solid impression of our way of working!

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    Advantages of conversion rate optimization for SMEs

    Better customers

    Higher completion rate

    More sales and return on investment (ROI)

    FAQ: Frequently asked questions to our conversion rate optimization agency

    What exactly is the conversion rate by definition?

    The so-called conversion rate is defined as an action target. Visitors to a website are expected to perform certain actions. Promising conversions proceed in such a way that they answer all relevant questions from the user's point of view and show clear options for action.

    The options are very diverse and range, for example, from making an online purchase to downloading brochures or subscribing to a newsletter.

    What is a conversion element?

    A conversion element is a small step in the overall structure to optimize the conversion rate. This can be a product page, for example, or checklists or navigations. Only the interaction of different conversion elements lays the foundation for the individual success measurement of one's own projects.

    How can the conversion rate be optimized?

    Optimizing conversions often requires a scientific approach. At best, you should effectively combine different tools and first define your personal target group. Then, in the next step, we at Happy Heroes recommend a detailed, honest evaluation of your own website.

    This evaluation will also help you to identify pitfalls and obstacles and to optimize your website accordingly. You can do this by investing in your content: place keywords, invest in SEO and formulate easy-to-understand messages that get to the heart of your individual value proposition.

    The next step is to improve your offer and adapt it so that visitors find it relevant. Finally, a technical improvement is also on the agenda. Because an optimized conversion rate also includes a short loading time as well as a clearly arranged website that does not cause any effort or awkward waiting time for the users themselves.

    What is a good conversion rate?

    Are you wondering how high is "high" enough? We have compiled some reliable figures for you in a blog post. In an example related to Google Ads, the average, cross-industry conversion rate in the search network is estimated at 3.75%, in the display network again at around 0.77%.

    The figures are somewhat different in email and newsletter marketing: Here, the probability that existing customers click on linked content is higher. That's why the conversion rates here range between 15% and 20% if you take all opened mails as the basis for calculation. In the overall statistics, things look a bit different. If you include all emails, even those that remain unopened, you get a conversion rate of 1.3% to 1.6% on average.

    If your current conversion rate falls below this value, you still have potential or room for improvement. Tip: In this blog post, we have compiled a clear presentation of specific industries. The table shows you how low or high the average conversion rate is in industries such as cosmetics, clothing, finance and insurance, or B2B.

    How expensive is conversion rate optimization and what costs should I expect?

    Good conversion rates do not come from one-time investments. In order to achieve truly measurable results in the long term, you should rely on a long-term cooperation that is associated with costs. The final price depends on the scope of the measures and the time we invest.

    In principle, there are no upper limits to the costs. Some small companies invest a medium, three-digit amount for it in three months. Others pay several thousand euros per month. If you run a small website, we recommend a medium budget of around 1,500 euros for the beginning.

    If you run a larger online store, the costs will increase accordingly. Keep in mind: Even if a monthly rate of between 1,000 and 5,000 euros sounds like a lot at first, the costs will quickly pay for themselves, since your sales and thus profits will increase sustainably with an optimized conversion rate.

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