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    Social media support & consulting for Berlin and the world

    Social media marketing is the modern form of addressing, serving and retaining customers and has thus become one of the most important communication tools for companies and brands. Customer groups of all ages are represented in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube and can be reached in a very targeted manner.

    The user profiles allow very narrow target group determination (targeting) according to demographic and local characteristics as well as interests and user behavior. Advertising on the social networks Facebook and Instagram, in particular, can be placed in a very targeted manner using these targeting functions. In this way, new customers can be reached and sales and brand awareness can be increased, especially in the B2C sector.

    The user profiles allow very narrow target group determination (targeting) according to demographic and local characteristics as well as interests and user behavior. Advertising on the social networks Facebook and Instagram, in particular, can be placed in a very targeted manner using these targeting functions. In this way, new customers can be reached and sales and brand awareness can be increased, especially in the B2C sector.

    The business network LinkedIn offers similar possibilities in the B2B area, whereby you can address potential business customers via their industry, company and group affiliation, but also their interests and user behavior. A personal connection and faster response times between you and your target group are further major advantages offered by social media platforms. In addition, there are up-to-the-minute analysis and reporting functions and precise tracking functions that measure the behavior of your website visitors.

    Together with your Happy Heroes social media experts from the digital metropolis of Berlin, you determine which measures make sense and are promising for you and your company's goals. Your initial consultation can take place at your location, at our office in Kreuzberg or remotely via phone or video call. Below you can see which companies have realized successful projects with us as their Facebook and Instagram agency.

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    Our social media consultancy in Berlin

    Target group determination

    You need to know who your target audience is in order to tailor your ad campaigns to your audience.

    Setting up social media advertising correctly

    The right strategy is the be-all and end-all of social media management. In order for you to achieve your business goals, we first conduct a target group analysis and discuss meaningful KPIs for you and your company.

    Whether it's more awareness, more interactions or more conversions - with many years of expertise in social media marketing, we can design and implement effective concepts for your campaigns based on initial analysis and customer goals.

    important: the right choice of channels and the channel-specific approach to your target group. Thanks to our many years of experience with channels such as Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, we will find the right strategy to reach your customers on all platforms.

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    Valuable content

    Valuable content is important for any social media strategy. Only if your target group is offered added value, real success will be achieved.

    From informative blog posts and unique images to creative posts and ads - we provide high-quality and targeted content on your social media channels or advise you comprehensively on options for optimal content distribution. Together we develop effective messages that reflect your corporate identity and reach your target audience.

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    Target groups management

    In addition to creating relevant content, interaction and trust building with your target audience is crucial.

    Your customers, fans, and followers expect quick responses to questions or comments. In case of concerns or dissatisfaction in the community, negative effects can be contained or positive reactions can be shared. Happy Heroes will help you build and maintain positive customer relationships over the long term and establish professional moderation of your social media communications.

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    Insights & ROI

    Social media offer huge amounts of data. This data not only helps us to create targeted social media campaigns in all channels for you, but also to evaluate and optimize them.

    According to defined targets and KPIs, we ensure continuous social media monitoring. Together, we keep an eye on the performance of our campaigns at all times and the knowledge about your target group and new potential customer groups is continuously expanded.

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    Facebook & Instagram marketing agency

    Right now is an exciting time for social advertising. The social media platforms Facebook & Instagram have opened up unique opportunities to reach the right person at the right time with the right message.

    Happy Heroes serves many clients in Facebook and Instagram advertising. We understand social impact, mobile, video & stories and we get everything out of your budget, 100% transparent.

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    TikTok & Snapchat marketing agency

    TikTok and Snapchat are aligning their focus on audiovisual content. While Snapchat has been on the market for decades, TikTok as a new video platform appeals primarily to younger users.

    Creative short videos are the trademark of TikTok. Would you also like to create high-reach campaigns with the short clips (max. 3 minutes long)?

    Then our experts are there to help you in word and deed. We at Happy Heroes know the peculiarities and the special algorithm of the high-reach network with currently around ten million German users. We support you with our commitment so that you can operate effective community management and create high-reach campaigns with viral content.

    Whether it's hashtag challenges, dance performances or other unusual ideas: Our TikTok makers will help you implement them!

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    LinkedIn & XING marketing agency

    Social media can be used not only to make private contacts, but also to build networks in the B2B sector.

    Use networks like LinkedIn or XING for sales promotion! At Happy Heroes, we design campaigns that specifically target XING and LinkedIn, generate targeted leads, and complement the rest of your social media efforts.

    With targeted ad strategies, sponsored content and effective community management, Happy Heroes helps you tap the full potential of business networks. Of course, we also provide you with detailed analyses at regular intervals that show which strategies have worked and where adjustments need to be made.

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    Influencer marketing

    Influencers are influential people within social media and multipliers of your advertising messages.

    Thanks to a large fan base, they can achieve extremely wide reach and bring your brand, products or services closer to your target audience.

    We support you with the development of authentic campaign ideas, the acquisition and selection of suitable influencers as well as the controlling of your influencer campaigns.

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    Social media sentiment analysis

    A successful brand lives, among other things, on the basis of customer opinions. We at Happy Heroes find out how your brand is judged by your customers in a so-called sentiment analysis.

    In this type of "sentiment detection" we use methodical approaches of text mining. By automatically analyzing texts, we can make initial statements about how your products or services are received in social networks. Such a professional sentiment analysis offers the advantage of quickly creating positive or negative classifications for certain search terms.

    In addition, thanks to the automated sentiment analysis, you receive timely feedback so that you can react quickly to any changes. Another positive effect is that satisfied customers can be identified in the analysis and the marketing strategies can be adjusted based on the findings.

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    Social media affiliate marketing

    As a professional affiliate marketing agency, we see ourselves as the interface between you and the networks and publishers.

    That's why we at Happy Heroes take care of the entire affiliate program. Thanks to our affiliate marketing, you place your services and products on social media and thus increase your visibility and brand awareness

    We also advise you on performance-based affiliate partnerships that reach your target audience and help increase traffic and sales..

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    Types of campaigns

    Reach and
    branding campaigns

    Reach and branding campaigns, also called reach or awareness campaigns, are the optimal means to warm up a new target group or branding with extremely high reach. Make the world aware of your brand!

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    Conversion campaigns

    With the help of Facebook's sophisticated algorithm, ads can be delivered to exactly those people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. Conversion campaigns result in more sales, more leads and more loyal customers.

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    Interaction campaigns

    No one responds to your posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? With interaction campaigns, you get the likes, comments, and shares you've always wanted. The multiple targeting options ensure that your desired audience interacts with your ads.

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    Your website has not been online for long? Are you lacking traffic on your landing pages? With traffic campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, you can reach users from your target group who like to find out about products and services outside of social media at unbeatable click prices.

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    Shopping campaigns

    It has never been easier to link an online store with Facebook and Instagram. With shopping campaigns, you can present products or product categories to your target group, and even show users who have already browsed your store exactly the products they were looking for.

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    Leads are hard to come by. Make it easy for users with Facebook lead campaigns! Facebook users no longer have to leave the platform. You simply present them a lead form directly in their feed and get names, email addresses and phone numbers faster. For particularly large numbers of leads, we will also be happy to advise you on the topic of "lead magnets".

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    Social media platforms that we promote


    The social network Facebook has around 30 million users in Germany alone. Of these, more than 70 percent are on the social network every day - even in 2022. All age groups are represented on Facebook, mostly 14- to 49-year-olds, but also 50-year-olds and older people. For this reason alone, Facebook offers a wide range of advertising and usage opportunities: Fan pages and news channels are just as possible as advertisements or informative text, image and video content.


    Unlike Facebook, Instagram specializes in image content. That`s why it mainly shares images that can be edited with the help of filters. At the same time, the Instagram platform is now widely used by so-called "influencers" to promote products as advertising ambassadors. You too can fill the social media platform with around 21 million German users, most of whom are between 20 and 40 years old, with relevant content such as images and video material.


    The social network Facebook has around 30 million users in Germany alone. Of these, more than 70 percent are on the social network every day - even in 2022. All age groups are represented on Facebook, mostly 14- to 49-year-olds, but also 50-year-olds and older people. For this reason alone, Facebook offers a wide range of advertising and usage opportunities: Fan pages and news channels are just as possible as advertisements or informative text, image and video content.


    TikTik is a very young social network whose user numbers are rising steadily. In one year alone, more than 5 million users were added, so that more than 10 million people in Germany now use TikTok. The proportion of older users is also continuing to rise, so that the target group is no longer just under 25 years old. TikTok is characterized by entertaining video content that is creative and lasts no longer than three minutes. Do you want to attract your customers on TikTok? Then you should design target group-oriented content, for example "in-feed videos", hashtag challenges or brand takeovers. We are happy to support you in this endeavor.


    Like XING, LinkedIn is a business network and is therefore just as suitable for the B2B sector. LinkedIn now has around 800 million users around the world who want to make business contacts. More than 60 percent of these are between 25 and 34 years old. In terms of content, LinkedIn as a business network also opens up lead generation in addition to job applications and contact inquiries. To stand out from other competitors, you can distribute presentations, graphics, videos, extensive company profiles and/or editorial content on LinkedIn, for example.


    With 20 million users, most of whom are between 25 and 50 years old, XING has become an indispensable part of modern recruiting. HR professionals use XING to find potential candidates for new jobs. In turn, employees search XING for new jobs and reviews. The focus of XING is therefore on professional employer marketing. Measures that can be implemented on the platform include event marketing and advertising campaigns.


    Compared to other social networks, the short message service Twitter is geared toward short messages that are a maximum of 180 characters long. Almost half of all the around 4.9 million active German users: inside are between 18 and 34 years old, and a large proportion of them are male. To make the most of Twitter`s potential, you can embed images, videos or links in posts in addition to text. The focus of social media marketing measures on Twitter is therefore on creating up-to-date tweets, recognizing trends and effective community management.


    Video platform with integrated search engine: To date, YouTube is the world`s leading video portal and at the same time the second largest search engine after Google. Even with two billion global users, YouTube is at the forefront of online communities and is only overtaken by WhatsApp. There are YouTube users in almost all age groups, but YouTube is particularly popular among younger people. Music videos, documentaries, comedy clips and tutorials are primarily uploaded to the platform. As an advertising platform, YouTube is primarily interesting for video content creation and community management.


    Pinterest, with its predominantly younger users, is very different from the other social networks. Around 16 million Germans regularly use Pinterest, which focuses exclusively on images (pins) with small descriptive texts. Creative people in particular like to use Pinterest to get inspiration. Accordingly, Pinterest can be used in social media marketing for attractive, visual image content, which, if successful, can achieve a large reach without any further action on the part of the user.

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    What are the benefits of social
    media marketing for SMEs?

    More visibility with target audience

    There are many good reasons for small and medium-sized companies to use social media. One of them is the greater reach: By reaching more customers and prospects on the Internet, products and services are automatically made more visible to the target group. The increased customer contact frequencies also allow potential new customers to be addressed.

    Direct digital communication

    With the help of social media, it is quick and easy to contact one's own target group. Via social networks, SMEs enter into direct and immediate customer contact and can thus not only sell proactively, but also strengthen their own image and trust in the brand at the same time.

    Competitive advantage over other SMEs

    Last but not least, SMEs are consciously moving with the times when they use social media. This gives them an immense competitive advantage over other companies that do not use these networks and thus have no opportunity to build customer intimacy, find out about trends or increase their reach in social networks.

    SEO FAQ: The most important questions for our SEO agency in Berlin

    What exactly is social media marketing?

    Social media marketing means using social networks for marketing purposes. Important measures within social media marketing are, for example, maintaining customer contacts and content creation.

    What are the costs for social media marketing at Happy Heroes in Berlin?

    The costs for social media marketing depend on your company and the specific scope of services. We generally work with individual contract terms and do not charge you any hidden costs. At the beginning of our collaboration, we explain our price expectations to you in an understandable and transparent manner, so that you know exactly what to expect.

    Is the initial consultation with Happy Heroes free of charge?

    The initial consultation at Happy Heros is of course free of charge. So we and you can find out in peace and quiet whether we fit together.

    What goals can be achieved with social media marketing?

    The primary goal of social media is to strengthen ties with the company's own customers. Image building and the creation of a positive corporate image are also among the goals of social media marketing. Pure product sales are also a component of social media marketing, but not its main concern.

    How can success in social media marketing be measured?

    There are various indicators for measuring the success of certain social media marketing measures. For example, the key figures for reach, follower growth rate or interaction rate can serve as performance indicators.

    Do you do social media marketing exclusively for companies in Berlin?

    No, we don't do social media marketing exclusively in Berlin. Rather, we work with clients from all over the German-speaking world and accordingly welcome contact requests from all parts of the Republic, Austria or Switzerland.

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