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    Native advertising - close to the target group with advertorials

    Are you looking for an effective way to reach potential customers and build trust with your target audience? Then online advertorials are just right for you! Through the targeted booking of article spaces in the press, news portals, etc., you can be seen exactly where your target group is. Depending on the place of publication, this creates immense trust and increases brand awareness. Advertorials should not be missing in any marketing strategy: The synergy effects with other marketing measures such as SEO or online reputation management (ORM) are far too great to be left unused.

    Advertorial example - appear in the most popular editorials within a few days

    We can have you and your advertising message appear in Germany's best-known editorial offices within a few days. Here is an exemplary list of well-known online media and our assessment of who they are particularly suitable for.


    Advertorials on Welt.de are characterized by high quality and reach. Welt is known to almost everyone and therefore has a large user base. Due to its broad positioning, a wide variety of topics can be published on Welt, making it an interesting all-rounder for almost any company.


    The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) also enjoys the highest reputation. The possible topics that can appear in the FAZ are diverse, so that almost any company can be thematically interesting. In the process, the daily reaches more than 1. million readers every day, a large proportion of whom are professional decision-makers, creatives and experts.


    The Berlin-based paper has been publishing daily news from Germany and the world since 1945. With an advertorial in the Tagesspiegel, you appear in one of the largest online editorial offices in the country. This way you can attract attention for your company and become a household name to the masses.


    With an advertorial on Finanzen.net, you can present your brand to the German financial scene. Finanzen.net covers a wide range of topics in the field of finance, economics and investment funds. An advertorial puts your company`s ideas and products in the spotlight and also allows you to get in touch with investors via various online channels.


    With an advertorial on RTL.DE, you can present your company to a mass audience in a flash. With more than 14 million unique visitors per month, the news site offers numerous opportunities to reach consumers. Go all out and make sure that your brand makes a big leap in terms of awareness.


    The Süddeutsche Zeitung is the daily newspaper par excellence. It is extremely popular and, with almost 5 million readers per month, can make your company known in no time at all. Especially worth mentioning: According to own company research, readers of the Süddeutsche Zeitung alone trust German courts more than they do the SZ. Profit from this trust advantage and use the credibility of the SZ for your messages.


    Brigitte is one of the best-known and most successful women`s magazines in Germany and reaches a broad, predominantly female readership. With a wide range of topics ranging from beauty and fashion to social and political developments, Brigitte offers the ideal platform to specifically address women. In this way, new customers can be acquired or existing customer relationships can be strengthened.


    The Berliner Morgenpost has an extremely strong regional reference. It is suitable for all companies that offer their services and products in the capital: From lawyers, food corners to mobility startups, Berliner Morgenpost is the ideal choice.


    The Handelsblatt enjoys the highest level of trust and a large readership. A publication in this editorial office increases your visibility considerably and ensures that readers have a similar trust in you as they do in the Handelsblatt itself. As a medium for politics and business, it is the address for advertorials for all companies with such a connection.


    The Frankfurter Rundschau is a renowned newspaper with a long-standing tradition and a large readership. They value the Frankfurter Rundschau as a serious, credible, objective and attractive company. The liberal paper is aimed primarily at middle-aged people. Thematically, the Frankfurter Rundschau is once again suitable for almost all companies, as it reports on everything from politics and economics to news and innovations from all over the world.


    The Hamburger Abendblatt is an iconic and well-known name in Germany. Its broad readership in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein gives companies access to an open-minded, interested target group. The Hamburger Abendblatt also enjoys a high level of trust among the people of Hamburg due to its long-standing existence and daily appearance.


    The Münchner Merkur is a daily newspaper with a long tradition and loyal readership. With its reach throughout Bavaria, Münchner Merkur offers companies the opportunity to disseminate advertising messages in a targeted manner and thus reach target groups that match the product or service. In addition to the large readership, companies can also benefit from the professional, high-quality content and excellent reputation of Münchner Merkur and convey credibility and reliability themselves.


    The Rheinische Post is - contrary to its name - one of the leading newspapers in the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia. With a readership that covers the entire western German region, the Rheinische Post offers companies the opportunity to distribute advertising messages throughout the entire region. Messages in the Rheinische Post can also be formulated more harshly at times without the readership taking offense. In this way, the factual sobriety can be broken up and space created for humor and character.


    The Thüringer Allgemeine is one of the biggest daily newspapers in eastern Germany and is enjoying growing popularity. With a readership consisting primarily of citizens in Thuringia, the Thüringer Allgemeine offers companies the opportunity to take advertising messages directly to their target audience. Another plus is the high level of journalistic reporting - especially compared to other regional newspapers. The objective and serious approach to topics in the articles creates a positive image for companies, which they can leverage when buying an advertorial.


    WAZ is the biggest regional newspaper in the whole of Germany. In North Rhine-Westphalia, it has a long tradition and enjoys the greatest trust. Its readership comes primarily from the major cities of Düsseldorf and Essen. It is made up of a wide variety of age groups and demographic groups, so that a broad West German target group can be reached with an article in the WAZ.

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    Advertorial writing - let our content experts write exciting texts

    Through online advertorials you appear in news portals that interest your audience. This increases awareness: However, advertorials can only develop their full effect if they are combined with SEO-optimized copywriting! In this way, you can ensure that your advertorials appear high up for certain search terms. This way, you determine what your potential customer gets to read about you. The combination of first-class advertorials, which are highly trusted by their readership, and search engine optimization, gives you a real competitive advantage over any competitor who leaves this opportunity unused.

    Our texts range from first-class company presentations to smaller blog articles. In an initial conversation, we ask you questions and develop a briefing to find out which content is suitable for your company.

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    Advertorials and search engine optimization - determine what is read about you

    An excellent reputation and a positive image are essential for any company's success. A positive external perception is crucial to inspire trust in the target group and to radiate respectability. The external perception and the feelings that your target group associates with your company determine whether your target group decides in favor of you or your competitors. Advertorials and online reputation management form a powerful duo, as you can take advantage of the good reputation of selected newspapers. Advertorials give you the opportunity to communicate positive achievements of your company through independent ambassadors. Reading the same message on an independent and neutral news portal naturally has a greater effect on readers than reading the same message on the company's own website. In addition, other services such as our AI sentiment analysis can be used to identify moods and plan appropriate content.


    Advertorials and Online Reputation Management

    Advertorials offer the possibilities to fit any budget while reaching the target audience. A small newspaper ad can already achieve a lot, while more meaningful company introductions have an even greater impact. Regardless of whether you choose a small or a large paper, in both cases you have the opportunity to decide for yourself and book specifically according to your needs. A small ad offers the advantage of cost efficiency, while a large sheet promises more reach. So both options have their advantages and disadvantages and together ensure a good advertising presence.


    Advertorial prices: from small newspaper ad to powerful company presentation - book what you need

    Advertorials offer the possibilities to fit any budget while reaching the target audience. A small newspaper ad can already achieve a lot, while more meaningful company introductions have an even greater impact. Regardless of whether you choose a small or a large paper, in both cases you have the opportunity to decide for yourself and book specifically according to your needs. A small ad offers the advantage of cost efficiency, while a large sheet promises more reach. So both options have their advantages and disadvantages and together ensure a good advertising presenceTranslated with DeepL

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    High engagement with online advertorials

    Online advertorials are part of native advertising. Native ads are a form of advertising in which ads and content are presented to the user in such a way that they blend harmoniously with other content. If implemented well, the content is not perceived as annoying advertising or an advertisement, but rather as useful information that the reader will enjoy. The decisive factors are the presentation of the article, the content of the advertorial, the users targeted and the websites on which the content appears. Also important is where the article is placed in the editorial environment: If the article is placed under a thematically appropriate editorial, it generates greater interest. Well-written articles ensure that users are highly engaged with the article and the links it contains.

    In our online marketing blog you will find numerous tips on how to create appealing texts. The graphic design should not be neglected either: Include videos and appropriate images and also make sure to include enough paragraphs!

    FAQ — Frequently asked questions about online advertorials

    Do you still have a question or two on the tip of your tongue? Feel free to ask - he who asks, leads! Otherwise, we have answered a few "classics" for you in advance.

    Advertorial Best Practices - What distinguishes good advertorials?

    Good advertorials are characterized by both the selection of the right medium and the smooth integration of the advertising medium into the rest of the content. The content should appeal to readers and be interesting, otherwise the potential customer will quickly read another article in his beloved newspaper. Advertorials should definitely be SEO optimized. This way, the advertorial's visibility can be significantly increased and combined with the control of the displayed content for certain search terms. Texts should also be well positioned, graphically appealing and characterized by easy readability and convincing structure.

    Advertorial Agency - Why it makes sense to work with an agency

    An advertorial agency offers many advantages and is the decisive factor in achieving the desired success. We have a large network and help you to market your content optimally: This ranges from competitive analyses to the development of a campaign strategy and the creation of meaningful content.

    An advertorial agency can also offer considerable added value in terms of targeting and analysis of campaign performance, as well as for subsequent optimization. Not only can companies save a lot of time and focus on their core business, but they can also benefit from the creativity and technical knowledge of others. As content marketing experts, we know exactly what words you use to best convey your product and core message. When creating the texts, care should be taken to ensure that they are not understood by potential customers as an advertisement. We are very familiar with press law and any labeling requirements, so you can be sure that your articles do not violate applicable law. Especially nice: As an advertorial agency with long-term partners, we get lower prices from which you ultimately also benefit.

    Advertorial reach - How many people will read the advertorial?

    It is hardly possible to predict the exact number of people who will read an advertorial. This differs not only from editorial office to editorial office, but also depends on the topic covered, your company and to some extent also on chance. However, with the right strategy and professional implementation, you can significantly increase the reach. A well-planned marketing campaign and targeting measures help to significantly increase the reach of the advertorial.

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