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    Happy Heroes: e-commerce marketing agency from Berlin

    Happy Heroes: e-commerce marketing agency from Berlin

    It is impossible to imagine today's digital world without e-commerce. Years ago, private shopping behavior shifted to a large extent to the Internet. Large online stores such as Amazon have played their part in this. But even independent of the big players, e-commerce has continued to develop in the area of small and medium-sized enterprises.

    As an agency for e-commerce and online marketing, we can support you in all aspects of your own online store. This gives you the opportunity to participate in this billion-dollar market yourself.

    As an agency for e-commerce and online marketing, we can support you in all aspects of your own online store. This gives you the opportunity to participate in this billion-dollar market yourself.

    We know how overwhelming the entry into online business can be. Hundreds of store system providers flood the market. That's exactly why we help you find and select the right e-commerce system for your project. Whether Shopify, WooCommerce or Shopware, we have years of experience with all these and other well-known store systems.

    During the detailed planning and conception of your store presence, we will gladly advise you and provide a draft. Optionally, we also take your marketing wishes directly into account during this step, including a strategy for the basic search engine optimization of your store. Our experienced programmers take care of the implementation and the finishing touches for your personal e-commerce presence.

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    Our services
    at a glance

    Are you wondering which e-commerce system suits your company? Depending on the individual use case, there are different requirements. Do you plan to operate a B2C or B2B store? How many visitors do you expect? Should it be an open or a closed store? Do you sell 10 products or 10,000?

    With our services we are heroically prepared for any situation. Let us advise you personally on the selection of the right store system.

    Shopify E-Commerce Agentur

    We are happy to offer you professional support in building your own Shopify store. Shopify is probably the best-known e-commerce system in the world. Accordingly, the software solution is reliable. As a Shopify e-commerce agency, we are happy to support you in the context of small to large store projects that are primarily aimed at end customers (B2C).

    Advantages of Shopify:
    • Very reliable system with easy operability
    • High level of security
    • Large community and many extensions available
    • Multishop capable
    • Reasonable price
    Disadvantages of Shopify:
    • No free version of Shopify available
    • Linked to monthly subscription model
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    E-commerce with Shopware 5 and 6

    You are interested in an e-commerce solution from Shopware and are looking for a partner for the implementation and marketing? We are happy to advise you on the two latest Shopware versions 5 and 6. The system is 100% Made in Germany and is now widely used. We recommend the software especially for medium-sized B2C and smaller B2B projects.

    Advantages of Shopware:
    • Easy modular extensible thanks to open source code
    • Large community and popularity, especially in German-speaking countries
    • Plugin Manager is integrated in the backend
    Disadvantages of Shopware:
    • Usability partly not very intuitive, especially in Shopware 5
    • Plugins (extensions) are often expensive
    • Store performance is dependent on the server provider
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    WooCommerce claims to be "the most customizable e-commerce platform". If you already run a WordPress website, this system is probably a good fit for you. In fact, WooCommerce is one of the most popular plugins for the WordPress open source CMS system.

    If you want to run a store from Germany or Austria, there are now also well-developed plugins like German Market, which make your store legally compliant in these countries. The Happy Heroes also recommend this system to you because there is a large German community that is constantly developing WooCommerce. Basically, WooCommerce is something for you if you already work with Wordpress, or if you are aiming for a medium-sized B2C or B2B project.

    Advantages of WooCommerce:
    • Large German and international community available
    • Legally compliant adaptations to EU trade possible via plugins
    • Worldwide known and appreciated Open Source platform
    • Can be easily integrated as a plugin into existing Wordpress websites
    • Free system
    Disadvantages of WooCommerce:
    • With extensive structures within your store very complex operability
    • For the basic setup plugins are always further necessary
    • No European provider
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    Your own Magento Shop

    Magento is interesting for you if you are looking for a particularly comprehensive store solution. The e-commerce system is available in different versions, from the free Community Edition to the Enterprise Edition and the Magento Commerce Cloud.

    Advantages of Magento:
    • Extensive store system for larger projects
    • Multishop capability
    • Large, international community
    • Simple overview of the customer file
    • Easy design adjustments in the frontend possible
    Disadvantages of Magento:
    • Enterprise editions very expensive
    • Performance of the online store is strongly dependent on server hardware
    • Free Community Edition offers only limited possibilities
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    Are you a medium-sized company looking for an e-commerce solution? The proven TYPO3 CMS is particularly suitable for medium-sized B2B projects. Unlike WordPress, for example, TYPO3 is not used worldwide, but very centered in the German-speaking region.

    Advantages of TYPO3:
    • Large community in the German-speaking region
    • High security of the system due to limited use almost exclusively in Germany
    • Open source and therefore very cost-effective
    • Relatively widespread and popular system, especially among medium-sized businesses and industrial companies
    Disadvantages of TYPO3:
    • High maintenance effort for existing projects
    • Difficult to use for non-experts, specialist knowledge is required
    • Development costs for e-commerce project with TYPO3 are high
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    JTL-Shop Commerce

    JTL offers you a fast and easy to use store software. Through the internal system JTL-Wawi, e-commerce solutions from third parties can also be integrated. In addition, the software offers numerous options for automating e-commerce processes. We recommend the solution especially for small to medium B2C and B2B projects.

    Advantages of JTL:
    • Open source code available since JTL Shop 4
    • Good support, even with company tutorials on YouTube
    • Responsive design is already pre-integrated
    Disadvantages of JTL:
    • In the free version the number of products in the store is limited
    • The e-commerce software is compatible only with the in-house system JTL-Wawi
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    Gambio is one of the most intuitive e-commerce systems on the market. Although the community is quite clear, it enjoys great popularity. The store system is especially well-suited for small and medium-sized e-commerce projects.

    Advantages of Gambio:
    • Cost effective with one time billing
    • Simple usability of the interface
    • Optionally purely web-based or usable as Saas solution
    Disadvantages of Gambio:
    • Support with costs
    • Not suitable for large and extensive project
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    Websites/landing pages

    In addition to the classic online stores, we also offer you suitable websites and landing pages. You sell a brand new product in your store and want to create the right page for your Adwords or Facebook campaign? No problem. We take over the process for you.

    In the first step, we develop a design for you, which we then optimize further. Landing pages can also be excellently implemented and integrated within one of the store systems we offer. We especially recommend this procedure for product innovations that are to be advertised separately.

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    Ads / Marketing-Automation

    Your online store is up and running, the products have been entered and the landing pages are online? That's great! Now all you have to do is bring visitors to your website. An online store without visitors does not generate any customers.

    Thanks to automated advertising processes, we reach your target group on the channels they are already using. Through our experience and expertise in online marketing, your target group becomes aware of you and your offer. Finally, with a variety of touchpoints, we make sure that your customers can't get you out of their minds and become loyal buyers and repeat customers.

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    We look forward to
    hearing from you!

    Process: How we build your online store with Happy guarantee

    We build your online store! From the selection of the right e-commerce system, to the development of a profitable online marketing strategy, to the actual implementation of the webshop. In the following we have briefly described the process for you, how we approach the topic.

    Choosing the right e-commerce system for you

    Planning and conception of the store based on your needs

    Elaboration of the design

    optional: setting up an SEO and online marketing strategy

    Design and implementation of the online store with the chosen system

    In the first step, we select the right e-commerce system for your project together. To do this, you should tell us your rough ideas. Do you want to implement a B2C or B2B store? How big is your company or the company for which you want to commission the e-commerce project?

    We offer consulting and implementation for a variety of store systems. Among them


    As soon as we have agreed on a suitable store system, we go into more detail. Now it's time for the planning and conception phase based on your needs. Approximately how many products will be published in the store? According to which categories will the products be sorted? Does the store need to be divided into several sectors or industries?

    The design also plays a decisive role in this phase. What should the store look like? Are there specifications from a parent company or does a corporate identity (CI) already exist? In order not to get lost in the multitude of possibilities, we are happy to advise you here. We ask you a few questions about your needs to get a first feeling for how the store could look like.

    Lastly, additional features are also important at this point. Do you wish certain extensions for your e-commerce? Should the site have any special features? Which currencies should be considered and in which languages should the store be available?

    Once all these questions have been answered, we continue with the development of the first draft where we implement your needs within the framework of a first proposal. This contains the complete structure of your e-commerce project, as well as the most important pages of the store. Design elements and visual extensions are also taken into account.

    The draft is of course not final and can be adjusted and further optimized in a feedback loop. At the end of this feedback process, the store should meet your satisfaction, so that we can finally implement it.

    You have decided to open a new online store, but you don't know yet how to make it visible? An online marketing strategy can help! We are happy to advise you on how to get the right people with purchasing power to your online store.

    We consider a basic search engine optimization (SEO) to be useful in almost all cases.

    Measures that go beyond this can be used if additional visibility and find-ability are not yet available. We recommend Google Adwords, social media ads or building a long-term content marketing strategy.

    All questions are answered and you like the design? Perfect! Then the heroes can now get down to business and start the final implementation. In the last step, we will make sure that the store looks the way you want it to within the selected store system. After that, your e-commerce project is finally ready for a successful launch!

    Frequently asked questions about 
    e-commerce agency

    Which companies can benefit from an online store?

    Basically, all companies that sell a physical or digital product themselves can benefit from an online store. There are no limits at the product level. Whether you offer a portfolio of just 10 products or an entire wholesale business with 100,000 individual products, e-commerce definitely offers you opportunities to build or expand your business online.

    What specific tasks does the Happy Heroes agency for e-commerce take on?

    As an agency for e-commerce and online marketing, the experienced team of Happy Heroes is happy to take over the entire process around your online store. Starting with the selection of a suitable store system for your e-commerce project, through the development of a suitable concept for strategy and marketing, to the completion with the upcoming launch, we are at your side.

    What are the differences in e-commerce between B2B and B2C?

    B2B e-commerce projects are usually more extensive and costly than B2C projects. This is primarily because B2B products are often expensive capital goods or highly customizable products. These require different handling than the simpler B2C products, which can often be sold and traded in high quantities.

    In addition, B2B products sometimes have so-called closed online stores. In these cases, a special store system is required, as well as specially tailored marketing strategies, because many pages of the store are not directly accessible via the usual search engines.

    As a rule, however, B2C e-commerce projects run via the classic open online stores that you are familiar with, for example, from Amazon and Co.

    What budget should I plan for implementation with an e-commerce agency?

    The conception and construction of a large e-commerce project is not entirely inexpensive. However, since the specifications for a store are just as individual as the products in it, we cannot make any blanket statements about prices here.

    We would be happy to advise you personally and put together an offer for you. In addition to the costs that we bear as an agency for the planning, conception and implementation, there are also the software costs for some store systems. These vary greatly depending on the store system. While Magento works with a costly one-time payment, Shopify and Shopware charge the user monthly fees as part of a subscription model.

    How will the online store be visible after completion?

    You have planned, designed and implemented an online store? Great! Now it just needs to get into the visibility of your target group. We are happy to support you with our years of experience in online marketing. We will find the right strategy for your project. Whether search engine optimization, social media ads or content marketing. To bring your store into visibility, we use a wide range of tools.

    We look forward to
    hearing from you!

    Why Happy Heroes?

    Happy happy guarantee
    With honest and transparent compensation, individual contract terms and no hidden costs, your risk remains manageable when you hire us.
    Your success is our goal
    A return on investment (ROI) of 2x, 3x, 4x is not uncommon with our campaigns. For us, only your maximum performance counts.
    10 years of online marketing experience
    We have been managing online marketing projects for well-known companies for 10 years and have set up hundreds of successful campaigns.
    International marketing group
    We are part of the international Happy Horizon Group and thus have a strong partner network at our side.