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    Your lead generation agency for Berlin and the world

    Lead generation is an important success factor in online marketing. The more leads a company generates, the better the chances they will convert into a sale. As a lead generation agency, we at Happy Heroes offer your team extensive support by analyzing your marketing measures and developing optimized lead generation strategies based on them.

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     online lead generation

    Development of a lead generation strategy

    At Happy Heroes, we attach great importance to a strategic orientation. In order to optimize your lead generation, we start with a tailor-made target group analysis. Together with content-related measures and conversion elements, we design a holistic, strategic orientation that helps to convert leads.

    We will discuss with you which strategic measures are best suited to arouse your customers' interest in buying and to bind them to your company in the long term.

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    Lead scoring and monitoring

    With so-called lead scoring, we qualitatively evaluate the leads on a scale with certain points. This way we have a scalable approach that works transparently with relevant values. In this way, we can make predictions about which customers you currently have good sales opportunities with and which ones tend to have fewer.

    In addition, we offer detailed monitoring so that you can keep track of all lead strategies. With this approach, we provide you with objective and reliable data so that you know exactly which leads are suitable and which you should prioritize. In order for lead scoring to reach its full potential, we embed it extensively into the elaborated marketing strategy.

    Please note that the factors we use to score lead qualification sometimes vary depending on the industry. Most often, "explicit" lead scoring incorporates factors such as annual revenue, company size, and location into our scoring patterns. In implicit lead scoring, on the other hand, we take into account metrics such as the number of website visitors or actions performed.

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    Attract leads organically through content marketing

    Content marketing is the key path to more leads for a number of reasons. At Happy Heroes, we work with you to design tailor-made content that appeals to your target group. For example, we use "premium content" such as e-books or whitepapers, checklists, templates, relevant case studies or similar content where potential customers leave their contact details.

    In contrast to offline marketing measures, content marketing is particularly sustainable for leads. This is because it offers you the opportunity to make yourself visible in the long term with suitable measures such as storytelling or certain content formats. Not to forget the multiplication effects that arise as soon as further strategic touchpoints are created through sharing or liking.

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    Conversion optimization for qualified leads

    With conversion optimization, you increase the percentage of visitors to your website. We at Happy Heroes offer you extensive conversion optimization with which you can generate more leads. We analyze your content and the conversion elements you use and evaluate them for strengths and weaknesses. In this way you get a maximum outcome.

    Lead generation: We support the B2B
    sales of SMEs

    Online lead generation pursues the following goals in the B2B and B2C area: On the one hand, it wants to draw the attention of potential customers to your company and, on the other hand, increase your sales. This works with the help of various marketing measures, for which potential interested parties voluntarily leave their data by registering. This enables the company to contact you later, which in turn can lead to a purchase decision. In the long term, successful online lead generation generally aims to acquire customers who are interested in the product or service in question faster and more successfully.

    Generating leads is one thing. But it's another to build them up qualitatively so that customers actually close them. A lead is only successful if it arouses the customer's interest and he or she requests further information.

    In order for customer loyalty to be sustainable, intensive and transparent communication is required on your part. We at Happy Heroes are committed to transparent working methods and measurable new customer acquisition, in which we emphasize your UPS and always choose the right target group approach in order to establish a qualified dialog with the interested parties.

    Different types of lead generation can be distinguished from one another, including inbound and outbound measures. Inbound lead generation includes measures such as creating relevant content and promoting the content. Outbound lead generation, on the other hand, works via events, e-mails, and advertising measures such as display advertising or content syndication, i.e. publishing content on third-party websites.

    SMEs in particular benefit from many advantages when they opt for online lead generation. This is because online measures reduce sales cycle times, as new markets can be opened up more quickly due to the digital transformation and real prospects can be reached. The resulting increase in productivity and the increase in sales ultimately generated in turn create more scope for entrepreneurial action, which in turn has a positive effect on the company's own growth and innovation process.

    Another particular advantage of online lead generation for SMEs is that they already have access to 'ready-made' data sets. Unlike other measures such as trade show acquisition, webinars, website forms and/or newsletters enable them to quickly and specifically retrieve all relevant data from interested parties. With offline media, this is much more difficult and time-consuming, as the data is sometimes incomplete. Another advantage of online lead generation is the level of awareness in the respective target group, which should not be underestimated and which gives SMEs a competitive edge over their rivals.

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    Frequently asked questions for our
     lead generation agency

    What is a lead?

    In marketing, the term "lead" refers to interested parties who are interested in products and/or corporate services and have not yet made a purchase decision. A successful lead is generated as soon as the interested parties have left their personal data and want to be contacted for further information.

    What are the costs for lead generation?

    A qualified lead costs between 50 and 500 euros, depending on the industry, the size of the company and the product or service offered. You don't necessarily have to choose the cheapest lead, but should rather focus on an all-round marketing mix. You should therefore adapt the costs incurred to your lead channel and not vice versa.

    Which channels can be used for online lead generation?

    You have different channels at your disposal to "promote" your leads. Basically, there is no such thing as "the" best online channel. Rather, it is decisive in which industry your company is active and which channels you are particularly familiar with. Basically, a combination of different channels leads to the best results.

    For online lead generation, social networks like Facebook are popular channels. They are suitable for social selling, which can be time-consuming but inexpensive. Another channel for lead generation is landing pages with paid advertising. For ads that should contain a clear call to action, we recommend you invest in a professional campaign so you can interact successfully.

    Another channel for lead generation on the Internet is interactive events that offer users real added value and are clearly differentiated from other offers. We at Happy Heroes will be happy to advise you on how to design your event to stand out from the crowd and how to create a real benefit for your participants.

    You should also not neglect channels such as blogs or video portals like YouTube, with which you can create relevant content and optimize it through SEO measures to get even more leads.

    Is the first consultation at Happy Heroes free of charge?

    Yes, the initial consultation at Happy Heroes is free of charge. You can then take your time to decide whether our philosophy and our way of working match your ideas. If you are interested in working with us, we will be happy to advise you on our cost model, so that there are no financial surprises for you.

    What goals can be achieved with online lead generation?

    The main goal of online lead generation is to reach as many new contacts as possible with interested parties and to get as many customer inquiries as possible. In the long run, lead generation also helps to provide your relevant target group with real added value and to position your company with an expert status on a certain topic on the Internet. You could achieve this, for example, through useful whitepapers or ultimate checklists.

    How many leads can we expect with online lead generation?

    Happy Heroes does not want to give you dubious forecasts, so we find it difficult to give you a concrete number. How many leads your company generates depends on different influencing factors: For example, the size of your target market, the type of product / service or the degree of innovation. If you have been in business for a while, you should take a look at the balance sheets from previous years to orient yourself.

    In general, of course, the number of leads should grow so that your marketing efforts pay off. More important than the specific number of leads is using the right channels so that you can generate high-quality inbound and outbound leads and build long-term business relationships.

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