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The days of looking in the phone book for a tax advisor are over. Investment consultations are also less and less likely to take place exclusively at the bank branch on the corner. And when was the last time you posted or searched for a property in the newspaper? Instead, your customers are also looking for information and service providers on the Internet.

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    Online marketing for products and services from the finance and real estate industry

    Happy Heroes serves a variety of clients in the financial and real estate industries. We generate future customers and clients through smart online marketing on various channels. Our range of services includes classic online marketing measures such as search engine optimization for your website, ad placements via Google Ads and social media marketing in Facebook, LinkedIn & Co to more sophisticated strategies of online lead generation through affiliate marketing and the creation of fully automated sales funnels.

    Among others, we serve customers from these sectors:

    • Tax, financial and investment advisors and law firms
    • Real estate marketing (especially buying and selling)
    • Real estate management and policies
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    To help you understand how important your online marketing really is for your customer acquisition, you receive regular reports on the scope and performance of your campaigns. Depending on your needs, we also implement state-of-the-art tracking methods to measure incoming inquiries and even calls and assign them to the respective channel from which the contact was generated. To evaluate the usability of your website, we even examine the mouse movements of your site visitors. Based on this data, we can then constantly work on optimizing the performance of your website (conversions, micro-conversions, e.g. calls, mails, newsletter subscriptions, etc.) and get even more out of your marketing budget.

    Contact us and let us make a first analysis of your online presence and uncover potentials in your market. Make an informed decision about which strategy holds the greatest opportunities for you, follow our recommendations and start the next chapter under the professional supervision of your new online marketing partners from Happy Heroes. We look forward to working with you.

    We look forward to
    hearing from you!

    Why Happy Heroes?

    Happy happy guarantee
    With honest and transparent compensation, individual contract terms and no hidden costs, your risk remains manageable when you hire us.
    Your success is our goal
    A return on investment (ROI) of 2x, 3x, 4x is not uncommon with our campaigns. For us, only your maximum performance counts.
    10 years of online marketing experience
    We have been managing online marketing projects for well-known companies for 10 years and have set up hundreds of successful campaigns.
    International marketing group
    We are part of the international Happy Horizon Group and thus have a strong partner network at our side.